OK, this is the one where (after reading it) my wife stopped speaking to me for days. I have friends who have turkey farms and friends who are vegetarians. I am in neither position of direct experience, but I could not help at wondering about the plight of the poor beast who is truly committed to the meal we call Thanksgiving. Would it make a difference to me if the animal we ate was more humanoid in appearance? They say that turkeys are dumber than a stump, that they would drown in a rainstorm by continually looking up to see who is tapping them on the head. Is sentience the “get out of jail, (the oven) free card?”

I ate my bird this thanksgiving and enjoyed every morsel. I did not give it an IQ test, and I did not picture it as a bird in flight. It was the ubiquitous one-nippled game fowl in a roasting bag stuffed full of aromatics.

Oh … in case I forget. Yes, I do realize that birds as a speicies do not nurse their young. However, I beleive that life in the multiverse is a soup that would casue Darwin to run screaming into the night. So there!