For the better part of a month I have been sitting with my laptop in various spots around the city, waiting for something, or someone, stealing 15 minutes here and 15 minutes there, slowly assembling and rendering this particular post to the point where you see it here. Its not like I hate it or anything. It is more a revelation, of how, broken up into bits, the work looses some sort of unity. That being said there are things about it I really like. Number one; I like that I posted something. Number two: I like the story. I had to cut it down quite a bit as I imagined the stagings of how a dragon got to be a firefighter and how that works. The story makes my head hot and tingly, which is generally a good sign that the brain is firing on all two cylinders. (Yes, where most artists have Porsches, I have a moped.)

I also saw an opportunity to make some design changes. I have been searching for a typographic solution for my little pieces of flash fiction for quite some time. I was really stuck on keeping the journal idea intact by using a handwritten font. The problem is; handwritten fonts are really meant to be used as display elements and not meant for long body copy. I finally opted for an old-world Garamond, which still has character and flavor but infinitely more readable. Another plus is that it has a full character set, so punctuation is not a compromise anymore. I also changed the title font. I liked the fantasy feel the other font had but it was poorly constructed so that all the hinting and spacing (font metrics) were a mess and I ended up resetting each letter by hand each time. This new font still has a fantasy feel, but it is professionally constructed and a dream to use.

I hope the new changes make it easier to read, make it look more professional, and contribute to the over all success of the work. Thanks for reading! I am working on a mermaid panel and a panel inspired by a MMORPG game called Second life — that ought to be interesting.