I was torn over this.

My next installment is ready to go, but it is Saturday afternoon. The current philosophy of web comics seems to be: publish during weekdays. There are varying reasons why this seems to be the case. The reason that is quoted most often is that the majority of web comic readers are doing so at work. So publishing during a week-day means more readers will catch it (those who don’t subscribe through RSS at least. I am not sure what to think about such things. I publish twice a month by the book. However, in reality that can mean sometimes sooner, sometimes later, (sometimes much later) depending on my work schedule. With my postings being so infrequent, I am not sure it means anything to wait for a weekday to post. But … I do like to see readership spikes in Google Analytics, and since my thrills in this lifetime are so low, I scheduled it for a Monday morning post. The good news is that it will be Monday morning at 12:00 a.m. Pacific. This way I can catch most of Europe on Monday as well. (And yes I get a fair amount of readers from the UK — go figure!)

So, a new post will will be available in a little over 24 hrs. That’s gotta be good news, right?

Now, onto the post itself. (This would be the mermaid post.) My wife gave me a big kiss when she read it. I think she was just happy to not see me grinding little fairy people in paste. Be that as it may, it is a kindler, gentler, panel with a nod towards romance. What is true love? Is love blind or just inebriated? What would you do for love?

I am not entirely happy with the drawing. (I am rarely happy with my drawings) there are some anatomy issues and lighting fudges. but someone who has been doing this for years, told me “The perfect is the enemy of the good.” He was quoting Voltair. So with that excuse I submit it for your critique and hopeful acceptance.

I am working on the writing for the next installment. It has something to do with tattoos.