Huh? Not making any sense? Because of the nature of these little flash fiction vignettes, I thought it would be helpful to index previous back stories and journal entries. Although Artiste’s tales are non-linear, it can help to read some pages in groups by threads of associated content. Of course you could just read them randomly, and trust that it will all come together at some point.

The beginning back story is always a great place to start:
• The Artiste Gullible back story

For this particular installment it also may help to read:
• Elven Council
• Home sweet home

↓ Transcript
[image] A man with a surprised look on his face, jumping from his chair.

[text] After dinner my guest walked into the parlor, chose a chair, and sat down. After ten minutes of shifting and squirming, he leaned his weight decidedly to one side, and attempted to look comfortable.

All at once he jumped from the chair screaming.

“It bit me!” He protested. “Your blessed chair bit me!”

“She can be particular about who she lets sit on her. I should have warned you, but it is often more of a chore explaining it, then it is letting her run her course. It’s rare that she bites.”


“The chair, yes.” I offered a smile in sympathy to my friend. “She was crafted by an elven carpenter, carved from single expanse of wood, which was cut from a particular kind of tree.”


“She submitted to the carving to repay a debt, and now, I am afraid, I hold that bond in escrow until the terms are fulfilled. 200 years from now I will release her indentured service; fulfilling her contract.

“A woman?” The man rubbed his backside ruefully.

“A chair. A Dryad to be exact; A wood nymph, once bound to a tree, and now, tethered to my household menagerie."