Huh? Not making any sense? Because of the nature of these little flash fiction vignettes, I thought it would be helpful to index previous back stories and journal entries. Although Artiste’s tales are non-linear, it can help to read some pages in groups by threads of associated content. Of course you could just read them randomly, and trust that it will all come together at some point.

The beginning back story is always a great place to start:
• The Artiste Gullible back story

For this particular installment it also may help to read: (Something random?)

↓ Transcript
[image] Two travelers, dressed in steampunk gear, looking very much like Lewis and Clark.

[text] As travelers go, I pack light. I have found truth in adage that the success of any given situation is determined not by by what you carry on your belt, but rather what you carry in your brain. The unpredictable nature of the sudden jump from one “now” to another, however, necessitates a portable repository of tools.

As a rule, I carry a shoulder pack with a change of socks, and a shirt; Three hardtack rounds; a marvelous contraption of the 21 century called a spork: my traveling journals, and a few maps. Clipped to my belt is a turkish towel, and to my waist, a very special pocket watch gifted to me from the collective.

Each traveler has their own way, born of experience, and personal comfort.

For some, however, the rigors of traveling require an approach to practicality in which every conceivable contraption is mechanically contrived to various forms of his, or her body. These appended and augmented parts supposedly improve functionality against the unknown; the one ingredient of traveling that I count on as a ubiquitous and provident
blessing of the “now.”