Huh? Not making any sense? Because of the nature of these little flash fiction vignettes, I thought it would be helpful to index previous back stories and journal entries. Although Artiste’s tales are non-linear, it can help to read some pages in groups by threads of associated content. Of course you could just read them randomly, and trust that it will all come together at some point.

The beginning back story is always a great place to start:
• The Artiste Gullible back story

For this particular installment it also may help to read:

Home Sweet Home
Destiny’s Designs
A Furry Kingdom

↓ Transcript
[image] Two friends on a park bench. One is talking while the other listens intently. Behind them a city scape full of aliens and blimps fill the background

[text] The life of a Traveler is lonely, and decidedly tough to relate to.

We are pushed from one reality to another without rhyme or reason. Where we have been, and where we end up does not seem to follow any discernible pattern, or effect any meaningful change. Were it not for the rings, and their implication of purpose, it would be entirely possible to call the whole exercise pointless; To accept that we are merely the hole that the multiverse feels compelled to fill, in reaction to some other unrelated event.

Regardless, when I come into a new now, a fellow traveler within that same space/time leaves. The push is not any more linear than the rest of our lives; Yesterday may well be my future, while my future may well have already been lived by a dozen me’s I have yet to be.

While it is inevitable that the traveler before me is bumped ahead (or behind?) it does not negate the chance that another traveler on a different line will share the same now as my own.

The luxury of crossed nows provides critical information to fellow
travelers; but it is the balm of
empathy that feeds the lonely soul.