In a predictable, but¬†unfortunate, way, I have had to postpone this week’s installment to get ready for finals. The little beasties¬†capabilities¬†must be assessed, and graded. The future of graphic design and illustration depends on it. So I am busy thinking up new ways to slip undetected into their heads, to poke around the fettered cobwebs, and locked secret boxes; looking for pieces of my lectures that may have stuck.

In the meantime, however, I must say that the semester has been a success. Ballancing my full-time studio work, and my full-time teaching gig has been difficult. I thought that there was no way to slip in this web comic, despite how fun it was for me to do it this past summer. Against the odds, I have managed to still turn out one installment per week, minus the few I’ve missed at midterms, and now. The next couple of weeks will be touch, and go, and then we will be back on track.

Thanks for sticking with me, commenting, and sharing.