Huh? Not making any sense? Because of the nature of these little flash fiction vignettes, I thought it would be helpful to index previous back stories and journal entries. Although Artiste’s tales are non-linear, it can help to read some pages in groups by threads of associated content. Of course you could just read them randomly, and trust that it will all come together at some point.

The beginning back story is always a great place to start:
• The Artiste Gullible back story

For this particular installment it also may help to read: (Something random?)

↓ Transcript
[image] Two young beautiful people stand smiling. The woman in the background tilts her head with hand on her hip. The male in the foreground hold out a curious small tapered pill.

[text] I was surrounded by a species of extraordinarily beautiful humanoids. They were all tall, healthy, young, with bright colorful eyes that sparkled like jewels. In contrast to this beauty, however, were their appetites. They ate like ravenous wolves six times a day. In truth, their entire social economic system was based around the growth, preparation, delivery and
consumption of food.

“We can help you.” They said to me after a time, noting my reluctance to eat. “You are without a “Laparo.” At which point they handed me a small, white, textured pill.

I soon discovered that the “Laparo” was a grub; a larval form of a parasite that attaches itself to the stomach wall, and eats whatever you eat. As it matures, the fist sized creature excretes a protein-rich paste that the human body metabolizes without waste, or want. The miracle of this symbiosis continually repairs the host body’s deficiencies, while ensuring an
unusually long, and healthy life for the both of you.

As long as you feed. It.

The grub is content to sit at the fountainhead of digestion, eating whatever comes its way. However, when denied a meal, it will just as happily consume the host, eating you slowly from the inside out, while laying white pill-like eggs in the warm fetid cradle of your bowels.