Huh? Not making any sense? Because of the nature of these little flash fiction vignettes, I thought it would be helpful to index previous back stories and journal entries. Although Artiste’s tales are non-linear, it can help to read some pages in groups by threads of associated content. Of course you could just read them randomly, and trust that it will all come together at some point.

The beginning back story is always a great place to start:
• The Artiste Gullible back story

For this particular installment it also may help to read:
• Wood Fairy
• Tea and Biscuits

↓ Transcript
[image] A young man, in samurai armor and a sword looks at Artiste while a rat whispers in his ear.

[text] My counterpart vanished almost as soon as I arrived. It took me nearly three days to realize I was still on earth, near a small fishing village, in feudal Japan. Having scouted out the terrain and finding little to eat, I decided to grit my teeth, be friendly, and introduce myself to the locals.

After the obligatory binding, beating, and blindfolding, I was dragged to the regional feudal Lord for closer inspection.

With the blindfold removed, I was surprised to see a westerner like myself. He was dressed as a samurai with the remarkable exception of a small grey rat which stood on his shoulder, whispering in his ear.

After a time, he looked at me and
inquired, “A traveler?” in a way that that exposed his understanding.

I nodded. “How did you know?”

“Strangers in a strange land.” He replied with a smile, shooting a glance at his long tailed companion. “In Japan, not all fairies have wings.”