I am an Apple true believer. I have owned and loved apple for over 20 years. In that time I’ve only needed Apple care once. (a faulty DVD drive in 2002) Apple consistently delivers on a hardware and software package that works so seamlessly that you forget that it is there; leaving with with the work at hand. However, within the last 18 months I have replaced three power bricks for  my laptop at $80 a pop. They have a fault in the cord that frays and ultimately shorts the brick making recharging impossible. It is to the point where even I, the true believer, has weak faith. Somebody is asleep at the wheel in the “easy and forgettable” section of the engineering department. You know, the one that puts together power bricks?

With my laptop down, and my desktop unit doing something else, I am computer-less. (This post composed on an iPhone with the WordPress app.) I will be missing this weeks update. I have a new cord coming Monday or Tues.)

Sorry for the delay. No helping it.