See? I said I would be back someday! School is out so I am going to reclaim my smile and do this as much as I possibly can this summer. I really missed it. I think I left last year talking about a new comic venture. It failed miserably or better put, it evolved into something completely different.

This installment is based on an illustration I did for a client this past fall. A living example of why I sell usage rights and not copyrights. Since the picture already existed, I wrote to fit. After reading this installment, couple of my male friends asked what other secrets do I carry in my purse? Dudes? really? Broaden your horizons. (No pun intended.)


Huh? Not making any sense? Although Artiste’s vignettes are non-linear, it can help to read the back story: • The Artiste Gullible back story. Of course you could just read them randomly, and trust that it will all come together at some point.


↓ Transcript
[image] picture of a slave girl laying on her back, her fingers touching a collar.

[text] In the future, a slave girl will usher in a second enlightenment by teaching this simple postulate; All the bloodshed initiated by men throughout history is a desperate grasp for understanding a power that they can never themselves possess.

Her doctrine espouses the belief that men will rent power, steal it, legislated it, and in all ways seek after it, but as soon as they assume the illusion of its mantle, they will trade the power away for the
reassuring companionship of a woman, its true source. Real power, she will instruct, lay within the calming tones of empathetic purls, and the gentle meek caresses of fingers across furrowed brows. Men are tools, she reasons, who simply need direction.

After the bloodless revolution, where men had so ignorantly pointed their swords, the woman learn to point their men, and the slaves of the third epoch become queens in a golden age of peace.