This is going to sound ridiculous. But last summer … during the “summer of hell” where I spent a majority of it physically moving the Graphic Design department from one campus to another, setting up a truly challenging fall and subsequent spring semester, well, last summer Artiste Gullible received a review! And it was a positive one at that.

You can find it here.

I have deliberately not relived the telling of what happened last summer, (Other than my parents coming out to Idaho Free State to visit, that was good!) but all in all it was a mess. I feel bad to follow such a great review with a hiatus, but it was unavoidable. A lot of things went down the drain sacrificed on the alter of “catching up” and “school.” But I am posting this as a shout out and hurrah!

Thanks to you few brave readers … Artiste Gullible is almsot famous … a year after the fact.